Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Revamping the blog

So... Looking back over stuff that I've written, I'm kind of wondering if maybe it's time to change the focus of this blog from religious ranting to something a bit more constructive and informative.

So, about once a month or so, I'll make a post about a specific part of Paganism, with links to resources and more information.

I'll also make a monthly post (on a different day than the 'wiki' posts) for questions and answers. I will enable anonymous commenting for this and all other posts I make.

On the Sabbats and Esabats, I'll post information pertaining to those holidays, as well as ritual information and history (when I can find it.), and if I attend a public event, I'll try and post pictures from it as well.

Once a month, I'll post things like recipes and DIY stuff.

So, that's four to five posts a month, depending on how many weeks are in a specific month.

Also, you may have noticed all five of my old posts have vanished. I've deleted them so I can try and start fresh with this blog.